Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Hillclimb Association - RMSHA

Welcome Racers, Fans & Sponsors! It's that time to kick off an awesome season of competition, fun & excitement! So Fire Your Engines up & be watching for that familiar green light, along with some great changes and improvements to come.  On behalf of RMSHA, thanks to the many dedicated sponsors, the diehard racers, and all that thrive on the spirit and excitement of the great sport, Hillclimbing Still Lives!


The RMSHA schedule is similar to previous years, with one more additional venue and more to come. The schedule is going to be action packed with a new enthusiasm with the great new leadership of hardcore hillclimb racers, sponsors & board members.  RMSHA Is the Premier Snowmobile Hillclimb Association known all across the North American snowbelt, providing safe, competitive racing for the top athletes and teams in the sport.  RMSHA provides safe, fun, family entertainment for race attendees, at a good entertainment value. Through media exposure, RMSHA works to expand visibility and desirability of snowmobile racing, thereby expanding the fan and sponsor base.  RMSHA provides measurable, verifiable exposure for sponsors at a reasonable value, and positive economic impact for host venues. So contact a board member to become a part of our team!  RMSHA brings together the finest professional and amateur athletes in the sport, and provides the best most technically challenging courses.  A good day at a RMSHA race combines speed, competition and quite often some spectacular crashes and saves!  Our Racers are scored by high marks on the mountain or, in the event of going over the top, a timing system to capture their time. The racer with the highest mark on the hill or fastest time over the top wins. Our Tech Crew then has a job to make sure the race sleds are legal, safe & within specifications and that the drivers use their safety equipment.  Not only do the top racers win money from the entry fees but our top pro racers are sponsored by the factories just as in any other professional sport and can win contingency money from the Factories depending on the brand they ride for and their pro status.  If you think you have what it takes, just ask any racer or staff to help you get started racing, Please feel free to circulate among the racers and ask all the questions you can think of. They are all very anxious to meet their fans and talk about professional hill climbing. 


Please support our RMSHA sponsors. None of this would be possible without these sponsors' commitment to racing and the sport of snowmobiling.  Thank You For Attending RMSHA.  We Hope You enjoy yourself & keep coming back.  -  Rich Gladfelder, RMSHA President


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